Tweets for September 2, 2009

4:46 pm
Pizzeria Uno after a Cubs win.

7:09 pm
On the train back home. Everyone in the car is sleepy, except for that one woman who. Just. Won’t. Shut. Up.

7:12 pm
Thank you, Tweetie, for

a) posting that tweet while I was still typing, and

b) not letting me delete it.

8:26 pm
Hmm… Now that I’m home and using a Superior Twitter Client™, I see that the half-post that appeared in Tweetie and about which I complained…

8:28 pm
…isn’t in my stream at all. No wonder Tweetie couldn’t delete it. But why did it show it as posted?

8:33 pm
What could I possibly have said that would make a creepy right-wing nut like @johnsykes1035 want to follow me? Disturbing.

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