Tweets for September 22, 2009

11:58 am
Just made a quick internal change to Dr. Twoot to match the new API’s home_timeline. Not doing the new RT yet.

12:18 pm
Now I understand why I saw a tweet from @clint, even though I don’t follow him. It was a @gruber RT:

3:41 pm
Time to get electrical supplies and finish installing the exhaust fan. Would have finished yesterday but ran out of expletives.

5:05 pm
Biked home through 9 miles of bugs biting me and flying into my mouth, nose, and eyes.

8:57 pm
NetNewsWIre 2 is on my iPhone and synced to Google Reader. Need some fresh posts to try it out.

10:08 pm
Dr. Twoot is nearly up-to-date with Twitter’s new retweeting API:

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