Tweets for October 9, 2009

7:37 am
Happy birthday, Dr. Winston O’Boogie!

7:46 am
I’m stunned that the Nobel committee overlooked Dick Cheney again.

7:58 am
Obama should donate his Nobel money to the Carter Center. Just to piss off the right wing.

9:59 am
You’d think Google could easily turn the “oo” in its logo into a pair of Lennon specs.

10:03 am
I don’t know how I missed this when it came out a few weeks ago. Beatles briefly bigger than Jesus:

11:24 am
Just drove past a new movie theatre touting upcoming appearances by Ernest Bognine and Tipi Hedren.

11:25 am
I have not been dropping acid in honor of Lennon’s birthday.

11:38 am
I’m deeply disappointed that my iPhone didn’t auto-correct Bognine into Borgnine. Piece of crap.

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