Hardware cheapskates, unite!

Once again, Clark of Clark’s Tech Blog has relieved me of the pain of writing a post by putting my thoughts into words for me. In this article, he responds to Brent Simmons’ argument that developers should stop supporting Leopard in new versions of their software.

As Clark points out, the big problem with Simmons’ argument is that Snow Leopard is Intel-only. This punches a hole in Point 2 of his argument:

2. People who don’t upgrade their OS are, in general, the kind of people who just don’t buy software anyway. (Particularly in the case of 10.6, given how inexpensive the upgrade price was.)

I do buy software, and I did buy the upgrade to 10.6, but because one of my computers is non-Intel, that machine is still running 10.5. If you want to call me a cheapskate, go ahead, but at least get your terms right: I’m a hardware cheapskate, not a software cheapskate.