Bike mileage and spreadsheet embedding

Early last month, I started another spreadsheet at Google Docs to track my bike mileage for the year. It’s simply a copy of last year’s spreadsheet, which worked out quite well. Here’s a live embed of the spreadsheet that will update through the year.

It’s not that I think you’re all that interested in tracking my mileage, but you may be interested in how easy it is to get a live spreadsheet embedded in one of your web pages. The code is simple:

<iframe width='480' height='350' frameborder='0' src=''></iframe>

The width and height parameters don’t scale your spreadsheet as they would with an embedded <img>; they just control how much of it is visible at one time. If it’s wider (as mine is) or taller than the given values, scrollbars will appear. The src parameter, of course, refers to the spreadsheet itself. You get this entire block of code from the “Publish to the web” dialog that’s accessed via the “Share” button on the spreadsheet.

If you’re interested in having your own bike (or running) mileage spreadsheet, you can copy my template into your own Google Docs space by clicking this link. The instructions, such as they are, for using it are in my post from last year.