Podcast cannibalism

Well here’s an unfortunate bit of convergence. The Science Show, a radio show about—you guessed it—science from ABC Radio National in Australia, has decided to rebroadcast episodes of Radiolab, a radio show about science from WNYC in New York. This is great for Science Show fans from the antipodes who listen over the air, because Radiolab is an excellent show. But it’s unfortunate for me1 because I listen to both shows via podcast, and now there’ll be less original content.

It’s not that The Science Show will stop producing its own stories and be given over entirely to old Radiolab programs, but that’s what happened this week, with a rebroadcast of the “Parasites” show, and is scheduled to happen next week, with a rebroadcast of the “Stochasticity” show.

A story in the “Stochasticity” episode, about coin flipping and the odds of generating runs of consecutive heads or tails, was of particular interest to me, ultimately inspiring four separate blog posts. Worth listening to, if you haven’t already.

  1. And me is all I really care about.