Clock practice for kids update

For reasons I can’t explain, my original post on printing time/clock practice sheets for kids always forced you to download a zipped archive of files to your local computer, unzip them in some convenient place, and launch them from your hard drive. While this is no burden to my geekier readers (who might prefer a local copy they can edit to suit their own needs), it’s not the sort of thing the average parent or teacher is used to doing.

So here’s a direct link to a page that shows the clock faces without the download/unzip hassle. Every time you load or reload the page a new set of 12 clock faces will appear, which you can then print out to give your young scholar some practice in telling time.

The minute hand moves in five-minute increments, so it’s not for kids who are first learning to tell time, it’s for those who have mastered “o’clock” and “half past.”

I should mention again that the JavaScript that generates the clock hands is largely based on this work by Mathieu ‘P01’ Henri and his analog clock page.

If you have kids the right age, you might be interested in my other grade school math practice sheets, covering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.