Magic feet?

From Dan Frakes’s article on the Magic Trackpad (via Daring Fireball):

My favorite Magic Trackpad design feature? While the Magic Trackpad may not appear to support physical “clicking,” it indeed does: The two nubby, rubber feet on the bottom, along the front edge, actually have buttons built into them. When you press down on the trackpad surface, the feet “click,” giving you the same tactile sensation as you get with Apple’s current MacBook trackpads. Very clever, and a welcome Apple touch—no pun intended—for those who hate touch-tapping.

Putting the sensor in the feet is indeed clever, but it’s not an “Apple touch.” As explained in excruciating length in this post, my several-years-old Conair bathroom scale has not just simple click sensors, but true force gauges in its feet. All four of them.

And it comes with its own display, runs for years on a couple of button batteries, and probably cost less than $69 back whenever the hell it was we bought it.