One Thing Well does Jumpcut (and vice versa)

Have you seen One Thing Well? It’s a blog about simple software utilities that do what the blog name says. I learned about it from this short post from Merlin Mann about DTerm.

One Thing Well doesn’t focus on a particular operating system. As I type this, the front page is showing utilities for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and the web. The descriptions are sparse—usually one paragraph or even just one line—but to the point. It’s sort of like Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools, only more focused and more terse. Like Cool Tools, One Thing Well takes suggestions from its readers, but it’s proprietor seems to check out the software and write the posts him/herself.

I saw that Steve Cook’s Jumpcut was one of the utilities listed, so I suggested One Thing Well take a look at my fork of it. Today, I noticed my GitHub repository was getting new watchers and soon learned that the reason was OTW’s nice writeup.

One of the new watchers, Matthew Freeman, forked my version of Jumpcut and made some small changes he says are for building it on OS X 10.6. I wasn’t aware of any problems building Jumpcut under Snow Leopard, although I confess the last time I built Jumpcut was under Leopard. The compiled app is working fine in both Leopard and Snow Leopard. I don’t want Jumpcut to require 10.6, but I certainly want it to compile on 10.6 machines, so I’ll look into it in the next day or so and update this post with what I find.

Update 8/12/10
Some small changes were needed to build in XCode 3.2.3 on 10.6. The GitHub repository has the updates.

If you don’t care about the source code or compiling, you can just download a zipped version of the built application.