Fonts and ū—

Since Merlin took the piss out of this pompous writeup earlier today, you’re probably already familiar with Writer, a new text editing app for the iPad. I’ve never had any desire to use these “distraction free” editors, but there’s one part of Writer in which I’m very interested.

This tweet from Charles Turner (@vze26m98) gave me the heads-up about Writer:

What made Charles think of me when he read about Writer? I’m pretty sure it was this sentence:

Writer uses a monospaced font called Nitti Light created and optimized for iPad by the type wizards at Bold Monday.

I’ve complained about the crappy monospace fonts (Courier and Courier New only) on the iPhone and have wondered whether developers could include decent fonts in their apps to get around this problem.

Back in the days when Inside Macintosh ruled the Apple programming world, there was a way for developers to ensure that certain fonts were available for their applications: they could include them in the resource fork of the app. I don’t know if a similar thing is possible with iPhone apps, but I’d jump to a note-taking app that had easy online syncing and a decent monospaced font.

I won’t be jumping to Writer because I don’t have an iPad, but now that I know it’s possible, I’ll be bugging the guys at Second Gear to include a good monospaced font with Elements.

I’d write more, but Focus the Clown is screaming at me.