That religion quiz/survey

You’ve probably read about that survey by Pew into the religious knowledge of Americans. Like all such surveys, it proves that we’re as dumb as fence posts.

The original survey had 32 questions. Pew has put up an online quiz with 15 of those questions, so you can test yourself and see how you stack up.

I took the online quiz yesterday and got all 15 correct,1 even though I would never consider myself an expert on religion. The reason I did so well was that the questions seemed more historical and cultural than religious. If you’ve forgotten—or never learned—your catechism, you won’t be at a disadvantage.

I started thinking about how I came to know the answers and decided that most of my “religious knowledge” came from

  1. Watching television.
  2. Going to the movies.
  3. Reading.
  4. Just living around people and noticing things.

The balance of this post will be me going through the quiz, giving the questions, the answers, and where I think I got the answers. If you want to take the quiz and haven’t done so yet, don’t click the link below, because it’ll spoil everything. (And for those of you reading the RSS feed, I’ll try to put some space in here—don’t scroll any further!)






So, how did you do and why?

  1. I wouldn’t be posting about it if I’d done badly, would I?