The Association of Associated Associations

Hey, I just got an email from John H. Graham IV, President and CEO of ASAE, The Center for Association Leadership:

Whether it’s for business, professional or cause-related reasons, those who belong to membership organizations have a special bond. We at ASAE, the association of association professionals, know that membership organizations offer a wide variety of benefits that help members connect to their cause, industry or profession.

As a member or former member of one or more of the organizations listed below, you can see that association members are found in a wide diversity of environments, trades, professions and demographic categories. Since serving associations is our mission, and your association’s mission is serving you, we have come together to ask you to share your perspective in our short survey on The Value of Associations in a Challenging Economy, Winter 2011.

Well, that’s certainly an exciting opportunity, John H. Graham IV, and I hate to turn down the chance to share my perspective or former perspective with a membership organization; but for business, professional, and cause-related reasons, I make it a rule never to participate in surveys sponsored by any group whose acronym doesn’t match its name.

Therefore, John H. Graham IV, I must sadly disassociate myself from your association of associated associations. Good luck with your widely diverse mission!