Dr. Winston O’Boogie

Chuck Berry is notorious for never rehearsing with the bands he plays in front of (he doesn’t play “with” them), presumably because he figures everyone knows his songs. This one’s pretty rough (to say the least), and John’s guitar is barely audible, but they manage to bring it together a couple of times on the chorus.

I’m still amazed that John and Yoko were co-hosts on the Mike Douglas show. Ralph Nader, Jerry Rubin, and Bobby Seale were guests. No Totie Fields, though.

And here’s something from the band John was with before Elephant’s Memory.

BBC Radio 2 has a couple of shows entitled John Lennon: The New York Years that will be available for streaming for the next several days. I have no idea how good they are, but I’ll be firing up Audio Hijack Pro to grab them for later listening.