I woke up this morning realizing that

  1. David Sparks was going to link here today.
  2. The top post on the blog, the first thing David’s fans from Macsparky and Mac Power Users were going to see, was a post about hotel showers. Not putting my best foot forward.

Now, a smart blogger, a focused blogger, a blogger intent on leveraging his viral eyeball mindshare, would have had a post in the can, tuned to the Sparkian demographic and ready to post at a moment’s notice.

I got nothing.

So if you’ve come here from David’s site, here are some links to older posts you might enjoy.

You say you liked David’s recent manifesto on text files in Macworld but prefer meandering, picaresque discourses to brief and sharply written essays? Then you’ll want to read my “Text files and me” series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 3.5, Part 3.5, and Part 4.

If you’re a TextExpander user, you’ll probably find something worthwhile in one of my TE posts. There are a lot of them.

Finally, if you’re a scripter, here’s a post from a while ago in which I describe my favorite and most useful scripts, written in a variety of languages. One update: I’ve recently replaced the snapftp script mentioned in that post with a screenshot utility and TextExpander snippet set that use the Flickr API instead of FTP for uploading.

Hotel shower blogging will resume next week.