A Vertu in Belgravia

John Gruber’s been talking about Vertu phones lately. First in an offhand comment on New Year’s Eve:

The only company I’m aware of that’s building phones for the “one percent” is Vertu and they’re a joke.

Then again today in a post with a nice quote from Andy Warhol, which led to a longish Twitter conversation I saw this afternoon.

So is Vertu a joke or a good, if extremely upscale, cell phone? Here’s a photo of one from Vertu’s site.


Does it look familiar? It may if you’re a fan of the BBC’s Sherlock series and you watched the recent “Scandal in Belgravia” episode.1 Here’s a screenshot from the show:

Irene Adler's phone

If Irene Adler uses one, that’s good enough for me.

  1. It aired in the UK on Sunday night. Americans will either have to wait for it to appear on PBS in May or obtain it by…other means.