Swiping and scrolling

A brief complaint—probably not original—about how two-finger swiping works in Safari:

In case you’re wondering, yes, I do know that I can use System Preferences to turn off the “Swipe between pages” behavior. But I don’t want to turn it off; I just want it to be smarter and not interfere with horizontal scrolling.

Update 4/8/12
Carl in the comments is right: the problem I’m illustrating here is with the iTunes Preview site, not with horizontal scrolling in general. I should have known that since my own site has source code fields that often need to be scrolled horizontally to see the ends of long lines, and the two-finger swipe works just the way I want it to in those fields. My lame excuse for this error is that the iTunes Preview pages are where I typically run across web page sections that need horizontal scrolling; I conflated behavior on those pages with general behavior.

I also agree with Tobias that it’s annoying when the page starts to move when you’ve hit the end of scrolling in a field. You can see that happen in the video when I overshoot in the vertical scrolling demonstration.