Small fonts and lost memories

While I’m on the topics of font size and Safari extensions, here’s an embarrassing little story:

One evening, I was looking at my bookmarks at Pinboard, and the font size seemed really small. I’d visited the site earlier in the day and hadn’t noticed anything amiss, so I figured there was a change to the site design.

Hey, @Pinboard, did you make your default font smaller, or am I sliding into early dementia?
  — Dr. Drang (@drdrang) Fri Jul 13 2012 8:31 PM CDT
@drdrang no recent css changes. Did you accidentally reduce text size in the browser?
  — Pinboard (@Pinboard) Fri Jul 13 2012 8:32 PM CDT
@Pinboard Nope, and every other site looks the same as before. Maybe I just forgot what size the text was.
  — Dr. Drang (@drdrang) Fri Jul 13 2012 8:36 PM CDT

Despite what Maciej said, I was sure there was something different. Over the next several days, I came to realize that I was seeing the smaller fonts only when I visited from my MacBook Air—the site looked fine on my iMac. But it wasn’t until today, when I was looking at my Safari extensions on the iMac, that I realized why there was a difference: I had an extension installed on my iMac that bumped up the font size when visiting Pinboard. That extension had once been installed on both my computers, but a Safari hiccup early in the month—a few days before the conversation above—had blown away all the extensions on the Air. I’d reinstalled some of them, but not the one that changed the look of Pinboard.

So that’s certainly a bit embarrassing, but not terribly so. Here’s the really embarrassing part: Tonight, while working at my Air, I went Googling for the the missing extension. I found it easily enough—it was one that I wrote.