The method

What with the holiday and my multipost diversion into time zones and Twitter archives, I forgot to link to this interview with Glenn Fleishman over at Macdrifter. Go read it now if you haven’t; I’ll be here when you get back.

First, I think what Gabe did is kind of unfair. Most of these writer’s workflow interviews are done with plain ol’ bloggers; interviewing an actual professional writer—someone for whom the word publish means more than just clicking a button on a web form—makes the rest of us look like the dilettantes we are.

What tools does Glenn use? A text editor, BBEdit, for writing and an “anything collector,” Yojimbo, for holding research material. Oh yes, he also uses Dropbox to coordinate files between his desktop and notebook computers.

No task managers, no brainstorming tools, no mind maps, no multilevel reminder system, no minimalist desk, no 10-way adjustable chair, no special lighting, no favorite beverage. Glenn’s writing workflow consists of Glenn, writing.

What is your favorite technology for making the writing process easier or more fun?

Nothing comes to mind.

This reminds me of a story—of which there are several versions—about Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier working together on Marathon Man. Hoffman, trying to impress Olivier, described all the Method techniques he used to get in character and stay there during filming. Olivier listened politely as Hoffman rambled on and then asked “My dear boy, why don’t you just act?”