MacHeist nano

So I went ahead and bought the latest MacHeist “nanoBundle.” Ten bucks for nine apps, at least four of which I’m sure I’ll use.


I have no doubt PathFinder will be unlocked. As I write this, they’re about 80% of the way to the unlocking level with three days left. I assume a tenth app will appear in the remaining window, but I bet it’ll be a game I have no interest in.

The four apps I expect to use are:

  1. The aforementioned PathFinder. I’ve been interested in this app for years but have always talked myself out of buying it. It has the geeky features I know I’ll enjoy; my concern has been that it’ll fight with the Finder and I won’t be able to use it all the time. With the steep bundle discount, it’s worth a shot.
  2. iStopMotion. I have an ancient version of this that I keep forgetting to upgrade. Now that forgetfulness has paid off.
  3. Clarify. This is the kind of special-purpose app that I tend to shy away from, but I do enough “computer explaining” that it could be a reasonable exception. And it writes to a standard format, so my explanations will be safe even if Clarify itself goes belly up.
  4. xScope. I don’t do UI design, but I do a lot of measuring of photos and other images on my screen. xScope’s rotatable rulers look like a great way to handle that task.

As for CleanMyMac 2, I have the same concerns Katie Floyd did:

Re: CleanMyMac 2, I’m mainly nervous about removing localizations and universal binaries - heard horror stories with other apps.
Katie (@KatieFloyd) Wed Apr 17 2013 9:00 PM CDT

I suspect I’ll never use its auto-cleaning features, but I may use its ability to scan for large files if it turns out to be faster and more convenient than GrandPerspective.

I haven’t mentioned Fantastical because I already own it. Maybe I can find a Mac-using friend who hasn’t been enlightened yet.