Tweetbot 3.1

Version 3.1 of Tweetbot came out yesterday. Federico’s review covered all the trivial stuff like additional features and improvements to the user interface, so I guess it’s up to me to deal with the vitally important issue of parallax.

You may remember that Tweetbot 3.0 got the parallax wrong, moving the background layer up when it should have gone down and vice versa. That’s been fixed in 3.1.

Tweetbot 3.1 sharing popup

As you can see, the popup itself stays still when the phone is tilted, but the background shifts to reveal more behind the popup when the phone is tilted forward and less when the phone is tilted back.

In addition, the photo view, which didn’t have any parallax in 3.0, now has it, and it’s done correctly.

Tweetbot 3.1 photo view

Here’s a funny thing: the photo view in Tweetbot 3.0 was supposed to have parallax. When I tweeted yesterday about its addition to 3.1, I got this reply:

@drdrang photos was commented out by accident.
Tweetbot by Tapbots (@tweetbot) Mon Nov 11 2013 2:24 PM CST

This should make all of us amateur programmers feel better about our silly mistakes. Even the best of the professionals occasionally do it.