Keep an eye on Weather

How many weather apps have you tried? It’s been a fertile field for as long as the App Store has been in business, mainly because Apple didn’t put much effort into the built-in Weather app. It was plain in looks and low in information, the kind of app you wanted to replace with something spiffier from a third party. If you’re like me, you tucked Apple’s Weather app into a folder on one of your back screens and forgot about it.

If so, you may want to bring it out and look at it again, because somewhere in the last couple of versions it has blossomed into a truly useful app.

Weather app

The hourly forecast scrolls horizontally, covering the next 24 hours; the daily forecast runs for 10 days; and the current conditions list everything I usually want. It is missing an integrated radar map, but The Weather Channel’s map is just a click away.

I used Weather for my example screenshots in the last couple of posts partly because its variegated background shows off the masking of both my statusbar cleaning scripts and the QuickTime mirroring, but also because it’s become my weather app of choice, back on my home screen for the first time in ages.