Artisanal and archival

This blog has shifted over the years from Blosxom to Movable Type to WordPress to the current UnnamedBespokeStaticBlog. I’ve tried my best to maintain links to old posts, but sometimes shit happens.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been hunting down and fixing broken URLs and internal links. A reader would tell me about a particular page that was messed up, and I’d use the error in that page as a template to search for similar mistakes.1 Typically, the problems were associated with non-ASCII characters or punctuation that WordPress treated one way and UBSB treated another. All told, I’ve fixed the URLs of about three dozen pages, which isn’t too bad considering I have over 2,000 posts here.

And those 2,000+ posts are now finally listed in a full blog archive, the link to which is available over in the sidebar. I doubt this’ll be used much, so I didn’t put much effort into it. It’s basically just one long list of all the post titles in reverse chronological order and bundled month by month, like so:

Blog archive

Each title is, or at least should be, a link to the corresponding post. I won’t be surprised to find errors in the archive.

One error that can’t be fixed is that the first 15–20 posts all have the same incorrect date. That error probably crept in when I switched from Blosxom to Movable Type. I didn’t realize it until years later, long after there was any way to reconstruct their original dates or even to ensure their correct order. A terrible loss to posterity, I know.

Update 6/2/15 10:02 AM
Thanks to those who have reminded me of the Wayback Machine. Although I have never been especially concerned about the dates on those early posts, I’ll dig in and see if I can root out when they were originally published.

  1. And if you run across any broken URLs or pages, please let me know. I’m sure there are more.