Floating upstream and downstream

I had a lot of fun recording the Revolver episode of Inquisitive that Myke Hurley released earlier this week.


I even enjoyed listening to it, except for a few goofy misstatements I made along the way:

  1. The Beatles went to Rishikesh to visit the Maharishi, not the Maharaja. I will say, though, that they would have been better off if they’d made a pilgrimage to study at the feet of Oscar Peterson. I’m sure they’d’ve gotten more out of it than Dick Cavett did.

  2. The George song I expect to hear coming out of “Eleanor Rigby” is “Love You To,” not “For No One.” I have no idea what made me give the name of a Paul song, but at least it was a Paul song on this album. Chances are, I also called George’s song “Love To You” at least once because that’s what the lyrics are. That mistake is not age-related; I’ve been saying “Love To You” instead of “Love You To” since I was a teenager.

  3. The artist who make Revolver’s cover is, of course, Klaus Voorman, not John Voorman. I did at least have the grace to call him Klaus every time other than when I first mentioned him. Although I said that Klaus was a friend of the Beatles from their Hamburg days, I forgot to say that he was also a friend of Astrid Kirchherr, whose photographs of the boys are so well known (including the cover of John’s Rock ’n’ Roll album) and who gave the boys their first Beatle haircuts.
  4. Not actually a misstatement, but as I was trying to remember the names of Donovan songs, I completely forgot “Mellow Yellow,” which probably wouldn’t have meant anything to Myke anyway. If he, or anyone in the UK, wants to bone up on the Scottish psychedelic folk singer, there’s a tour coming up in October and early November. Special VIP tickets, including lunch with Donovan, are only £2,500. Quite rightly.

One last thing: Myke and I talked a little after the show about the Yesterday and Today album, which is where the three John songs that were cut from the American release of Revolver ended up. He didn’t know anything about that album, so I told him to Google “Beatles butcher cover.” The sounds of disgust that came over Skype were delightful.