Revisiting an old friend

The folks at The Sweet Setup asked me to update my year-old article on professional calculators for the iPhone. You’ll be unsurprised that my choice is still PCalc, although I give Soulver its due.

One of the changes in PCalc since I first wrote the article has been the ability to create your own key layouts for both the vertical and horizontal orientations. In the updated article, I described my vertical Drang layout and horizontal Conversions layout.

PCalc Drang layout

PCalc Conversions layout

A couple of people have asked if I could make them available for download, so here they are:

You should be able to install them directly from the download links. If that doesn’t work, download them to a computer and email them to yourself. Then switch to your iPhone and install them from the attachments.

Near the upper left corner of the Drang layout is a key labeled with a capital phi (Φ). This is the standard normal cumulative distribution function, a custom function I added to PCalc a while ago. If you want to use the Drang layout, you’ll need to have it, too. Download it and its inverse here.