Faucet folly

It’s been a while since I’ve written about hotel bathroom design, although I’ve thought about it several times recently. Like when I was in a room whose bathroom lights were on a motion detector so sensitive that any movement outside of the bathroom caused them to switch on. And when I was in another room where the timer of the motion detector was set so short that the lights would go off while I was in the middle of peeing. But something always kept me from writing, and by the time I had a chance to put together a post, the state of high dudgeon necessary for the task had passed.

Today I break the inertia. The hotel room I’ll be in for the next week or so has a bathroom sink that was apparenty designed by someone who’s never washed his hands.

Hotel faucet

The faucet is set so far back from the edge of the sink, there’s only about an inch of clearance behind the stream of water, not enough room to get both hands in to wipe off the soap as you’re rinsing. You can lift your hands up, of course, but then the water splashes out onto the counter.

Looking under the counter, I see no reason the hole for the faucet couldn’t have been set closer to the sink opening. There’s plenty of room.1

Under sink

So I have no sympathy for those of you complaining about the new MacBook Pro’s lack of an Escape key. Some of us out here are really suffering.

  1. Yes, of course I got under there to look. I go the extra mile for my readers.