Nothing new

America has a poor collective memory and it’s getting worse. It took about 50 years for us to forget the lessons of the Great Depression and decide that deregulating financial institutions was a good idea. That led to the savings and loan crisis of the 80s and—because we didn’t learn from that—the huge meltdown of 2007–8. The lessons of Vietnam took only 30 years to forget, leading to Iraq. The irony there was that Colin Powell, of the Vietnam-inspired Powell Doctrine, was one of the people ushering us into exactly what he had warned against.

Now we’ve gone and elected a manifestly unqualified dope as president, just as we did 16 years ago, and we are for some reason acting surprised at the terrible and stupid things he’s doing. But they all have parallels with the actions of the last Republican administration.

We haven’t seen a plan for privatizing Social Security yet, but that’s only because destroying the ACA is a higher priority.