Apple’s short term memory

Last week David Sparks wrote a nice little article about text and screen effects in Messages and how Apple is missing the boat by not updating it with new effects, allowing the feature to get stale. It’s a good article in its own right, but it’s also a template. Apple introduces so many things with great fanfare and then forgets to follow up.

The obvious example of this is the Mac Pro, the “can’t innovate, my ass” product of 2013 that hasn’t been updated (not really) since then. But there are more:

I know Apple needs to focus on the iPhone, but an awful lot of people are going to be housed in that big glass donut. They’re not all working on the iPhone, are they?

Tim Cook should keep track of all the products and features announced at Apple events and make sure they don’t get abandoned. If the Reminders app isn’t up to snuff, there are other ways to jog your memory.

Tim Cook in his office

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