Weighing in as an Apple pundit

Last night, Stephen Hackett linked to Amazon’s pages for the to-be-released-in-May Magic Keyboards for the iPad and noted that their shipping weights are pretty hefty:

I will now engage in some high level Apple punditry and estimate the actual weights of the devices. I’ll use a semi-rational method, and I could make it sound realistic if I wanted to, but keep in mind that I am really just talking out of my ass.

I’ll estimate the packaging weights for the two Magic Keyboards by using the packaging weights of the corresponding Smart Keyboard Folios, which we can get by subtracting the real Smart Keyboard Folio weights (as reported by 9to5 Mac) from their Amazon shipping weights.

Product Amazon shipping wgt Product wgt Packaging wgt
11″ SKF 635 g 297 g 338 g
12.9″ SKF 816 g 407 g 409 g

Therefore, clearly the 11″ Magic Keyboard will weigh

\[821\,\mathrm{g} - 338\,\mathrm{g} = 483\,\mathrm{g} \quad (1.06\,\mathrm{lb})\]

and the 12.9″ Magic Keyboard will weigh

\[1093\,\mathrm{g} - 409\,\mathrm{g} = 684\,\mathrm{g} \quad (1.51\,\mathrm{lb})\]

It’s just science!

More seriously, if I were forced to guess, I’d say the packaging for the Magic Keyboards will be heavier than that of the Smart Keyboard Folios, which would make these estimates too high, but who knows?

Oh, and even more seriously, if you’re going to pre-order one of these from Amazon, you should definitely use my affiliate link for either the 11″ Magic Keyboard or the 12.9″ Magic Keyboard. My retirement fund needs replenishing after these past couple of months.