I installed the public beta for iOS 14 on my “secondary” iPad (2016 9.7″ Pro) last week. So far, I’ve had one inexplicable crash but no other problems. Because it’s my secondary iPad, the 9.7″ doesn’t get used hard. It’s more the content consumption iPad, while the 2018 12.9″ Pro is the content creation iPad. But I have tried some content creation using Scribble. I wrote the main point of my review in Scribble itself:

alt : Scribble Test

I had high hopes for Scribble, but I really dislike having my words whisked away from me before I’ve completed a thought. Maybe I’ll get comfortable with it after a while, but I’m surprised Apple thought this was the right user interface. Am I an oddball for wishing I could write out a full sentence and then have handwriting converted?

Secondary impressions: