A simple shortcut for directions

Last week, I got angry at Siri:

What’s frustrating about this, of course, is that Siri has access to all the information necessary to give me what I want:

As is too often the case, Siri’s inability to tie things together is its greatest failure.

Fortunately, Shortcuts allows us to apply real intelligence where artificial intelligence fails. Here’s a simple shortcut called Next Location.

1 Next Location Step 01 I chose the “Find Calendar Events” action instead of “Get Upcoming Events” because I wanted to make sure the event returned has a Location associated with it, and the filtering included with this action gives me that. I must say the terminology used for the Order is confusing; the choices should be Earliest/Latest not Oldest/Latest. “Oldest” is not the opposite of “latest.”
2 Next Location Step 02 Because of the filter in the previous step, we know this step will return a location…
3 Next Location Step 03 so there won’t be a problem getting directions to it.

Now I can say “Hey, Siri, next location” to get the directions. I still have to tap a button to choose one of the three sets of directions the phone gives me, but that’s better than screaming “What the fuck is wrong with you?!” when sitting in a car by myself.