Desk set

Yesterday I bought some kitchen drawer organizer bins at Target, and today I cleaned out the upper left drawer of my desk and put the bins in. The results are:


If you look closely, you’ll see that the bin with the binder clips and the bin with the paper clip dispenser were cut. They used to be one bin the same size as the bin with the pencil and leads, but I cut it in two to arrange things this way.

The bins are sold under the “Organized Kitchen” label, a house brand of Target, and come in several sizes. Here I’m using a 6x15, two 6x9s, and two 3x9s (including the one I cut). My Target offered a bundled set of these bins that included some 3x3s and 3x6s, so if I had bought that set I wouldn’t have had to cut the 3x9. But I wasn’t really sure how I was going to arrange the bins when I was at the store, and the bundle seems to have more small bins than I needed. The 3x3s and the 3x6s weren’t available individually.

The index cards are for my Hipster PDA. Merlin Mann’s site is a great place to waste time figuring out how to become more productive.