Ruler card for Hipster PDA

A couple of weeks ago, the great 43 Folders had a post about a set of interesting PDF templates made by John Norris for the Hipster PDA. One of the templates was a ruler, which I thought was a great idea but poorly executed because they looked like bitmaps that were fuzzy. So I decided to make my own crisp PDF versions. Since I don’t know how to write PDF directly, I wrote a PostScript file that I then converted to a PDF using ps2pdf.

This is what it looks like.

Index card ruler

(I’ve since learned that the original source of the ruler John Norris used is a nice collection of PostScript and PDF rulers made by Michael Vendian. Somehow it got converted to a bitmap when John made up his templates. It’s possible that had I learned this earlier I would have tried adapting one or two of Vendian’s rulers. I’m glad I didn’t because the format of mine is different enough that adapting would have been more effort than writing from scratch.)

A few notes on the construction and use: