Oh, Domino!

Continuing my musical theme this evening, I was happy to read that Fats Domino survived the flood and is now out of New Orleans. It’s not that he’s more important or more worthy of surviving than tens of thousands of others, but I think it’s natural in overwhelming tragedies like this to focus on things and people that you’re familiar with. When last month’s bombings in London were in the news, my wife and I looked at the list of Tube stops that were hit and tried to remember whether we had been in or through them. Stupid, I suppose, to concern yourself with some small, tenuous connection with a distant event, but human.

This passage in the Washington Post article about Fats must be representative of hundreds or thousands from New Orleans whose friends and family have been in limbo, waiting for some word, hoping for the best and dreading the worst:

His agent, Al Embry, reported him missing earlier this week, and concern about his fate grew until his daughter, Karen Domino White, said Thursday that she had recognized her father in a picture taken Monday by the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

If you read the whole WP article, you’ll see that Fats went on quite an odyssey and is pretty tough for a 77 year old. Van Morrison could have told his daughter not to worry:

And if you never hear from him
That just means he didn’t call