What's the matter with Kansas?

They suck.

Through the reliably bad taste of our local middle-aged Jaycees, Kansas is playing at my town’s Labor Day festival, the Last Fling, and I’m a nonpaying and unwilling member of their audience. Although my house is a good mile from the stage, turgid rock has the power to carry for incredible distances.

According to the schedule, they took the stage about an hour ago, but are somehow still playing. What in God’s name can fill up a Kansas playlist? And think of the decisions to be made: do we play Dust first, saving Wayward Son for the encore? or the other way around?

Update: In an unwise moment, I went to their site and clicked through the discography. Somehow in the intervening three decades, I had forgotten about Point of Know Return. So they actually have three songs that people with no taste might be willing to listen to—my apologies for suggesting they have only two.