Sincere HPDA flattery

Here’s a modest addition to the massive set of Hipster PDA and Getting Things Done templates/addons/suggestions. At heart, it is a blatant ripoff of one of Douglas Johnson’s DIY Planner templates—page 39 of the 1-up HPDA version, to be exact. I found myself unable to use Johnson’s original because the line spacing was too close for my clumsy handwriting. I cobbled up reasonable copy in Illustrator with wider line spacing and have started using it. It looks like this

Here is the PDF. You can use it as-is, or, if you have Illustrator, change it to your liking. If you open it in Preview or Acrobat, you’ll find that the document is actually an 8½×11 sheet with the 3×5 design positioned at the top center. This is to accommodate my printer, which seems to handle this format better than a true 3×5 document. I call for manual feed from the Paper Feed section of the Print dialog box and stick my index cards between the moveable guides.

You may find some of my other HPDA posts useful. Here’s a ruler card, a temperature conversion card, a travel information card, and a way to print and fold iCal calendars to fit into your HPDA.