Desktop weather

I’m still playing with GeekTool, the Macintosh Preference Pane that allows you to put periodically updated text or graphics on your desktop. Earlier in the week, I showed how I put the currently-playing iTunes track down in the lower right corner of my screen. That original script had a bug, which I correct later in the week.

Now I have an Accuweather graphic in the lower left corner of my screen. It looks like this.

I got this by creating a new GeekTool picture entry like this

The graphic is meant to be seen at a width of 200 pixels and a height of 125 pixels, but you may have your own ideas about what looks good.

The URL for the graphic is

It’s really all one line—if you want to cut and paste you’ll have to get rid of the line break after the zip code. And unless you live in Naperville, you’ll probably want to change the zip code, too.

I got the URL from Accuweather’s Weather Ports page. You enter your zip in the field on that page and Accuweather gives you the URLs for several different weather graphics.

With this on my Desktop, I’ve turned off the weather widget in Dashboard. And because of the iTunes info I’ve turned off the Album Art widget.