Now in the Las Vegas airport on my south-to-go-east trip from Boise to Chicago. As a brief followup to my previous post:

  1. I had a “B” boarding pass on the flight from Boise to Vegas.
  2. I was either the last or second-to-last “B” passenger to board because I stayed seated until my group was called instead of standing in line for half an hour.
  3. I got an aisle seat.

There seems to be some group dynamic/viral stupidity among Southwest Airlines passengers. A few dopey people line up way before they need to, then otherwise intelligent folks start to wonder if maybe they should line up, too. Their unease builds until it overwhelms them. The lines get longer, slowly at first, but at an increasing rate. At some point they reach a length that causes almost everyone at the gate to stand up and queue.

On an unrelated note, McCarran airport has designated smoking areas that have huge doorways open to the rest of the terminal, making the smell of cigarette smoke impossible to avoid. Not much different from being in a casino, really.