Cultural (!) podcasts

If you regularly check, you may have run across this entry, a list of “cultural” podcasts. Two podcasts I subscribe to, In Our Time from the BBC and Grammar Girl, are on the list.

I’ve mentioned In Our Time before. There’s rarely a clunker, and this fall’s shows have been especially good.

I’m still subscribed to Grammar Girl because I like the host’s personality, but I may give it up because the topics have been too common. There have, for example, been shows on between vs. among, who vs. that, and affect vs. effect. I realize that these are evergreens in the grammar and usage world, but I’m not sure I should spend my time with yet another explanation of any of them.

Anyway, a few of the other podcasts in the list look interesting. I have a few long days of air travel coming up in the next couple of weeks, so I’ll load up the iPod and give them a try.