Let me just mention that, despite the cheery little “WiFi at SLC is great!” commercials that run every few minutes on the terminal TVs, the wireless internet service at the Salt Lake City airport is a pain in the ass—in the D concourse, at least.

I’ve had to move four times to find a spot where the signal stays strong enough to stay connected. The signal would tease me by starting out strong, then would fade down to nothing before I got done filling in the fields in the Sprint signup form.

And speaking of Sprint, their signup process leaves a lot to be desired. After filling in all the usual required-but-really-unnecessary fields (no, you do not need my phone number) and clicking the submit button, your new account is confirmed. Can you then start surfing? No, you have to go to the login page and reenter your username and password. Then can you start surfing? No, because they don’t you to give your username the same way you gave it on the signup page: “johndoe,” say. They want you to give it as “,” which you don’t learn until you’ve tried it other way and generated an error message. This is a little thing, I suppose, but this kind of user interface stupidity should be behind us by now.

OK, with that off my chest, maybe I can get a little work done before my flight home.

Update: Every once in a while, clicking a link takes me to a nearly blank page entitled “Launch the Nomdadix Console” instead of the page it should have. This must be another Sprint problem.

Oh, and the misspelling of Nomadix is not mine; the page title really says “Nomdadix.” Nomadix should insert its name into its spellcheck dictionary before the misspelling spreads across the internets.