Random ten for 3/9

  1. “You Can’t Catch Me” by John Lennon
    from Rock ‘n’ Roll
  2. “Da Da Da (I Don’t Love You, You Don’t Love Me Aha Aha Aha)” by Trio
    from Like, Omigod! The 80s Pop Culture Box (Totally)
  3. “Bullet The Blue Sky” by U2
    from Rattle And Hum
  4. “Bob Dylan’s Dream” by Bob Dylan
    from The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan
  5. “East St. Louis Toodle-oo” by Duke Ellington
    from Ken Burns Jazz
  6. “Louisiana Blues” by Muddy Waters
    from The Chess Box
  7. “Pinhead” by The Ramones
    from Loud Fast
  8. “I Me Mine” by The Beatles
    from Let It Be
  9. “Make It Funky” by James Brown
    from Star Time
  10. “Get Down” by Curtis Mayfield
    from People Get Ready!

Hmmmm…I need to cull that 80s box set. As always, this semi-automated post is brought to you by this script.