Tweets for November 30, 2008

9:50 am
Can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t have Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas, but it’s the @amazonmp3 daily special at $1.99.

10:04 am
I will start writing my series of Definitive Blog Posts on PCalc today. After dropping the college girl off at O’Hare.

4:40 pm
Am I the only one who consistently mixes up Delete and Backspace on the iPhone keyboard?

8:16 pm
Should I be upset that @SantaClaus2 unfollowed me after I failed to follow him?

11:26 pm
Twitter says its been about 13 hours since I promised to write this: And it’s still Sunday here in CST-land.

11:42 pm
Manual for the Bulk Rename Utility ( is a 41-page PDF. Larry Wall’s ‘rename’ is just a few lines of Perl. And better.

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