Tweets for March 14, 2009

2:55 pm
Generally speaking, I hate pontifications on the “meaning” of the internet. But this Shirky piece is good:

4:56 pm
The TiVo’d Illini-Purdue game was so dispiriting, I peeked at SportsTap to see if it would get better. Don’t have to watch the 2nd half.

7:30 pm
It’s cute that Google wants my my email address so I can be notified when Voice launches. I think I’ll hear about it.

10:33 pm
Which Circle of Hell is the one where you have to do web development that supports IE?

10:43 pm
I was going to write a post about radians for π Day but didn’t get around to it. (Get it? π…aROUND? I slay me.) Look for it on July 22.

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