Tweets for March 15, 2009

11:02 am
Most of my Python bugs are because I’m forgetting about Unicode. My library loan tracker broke today because of an “â” in one of the titles.

11:08 am
“The [App Store] premium section would largely be focused on games…” ( Since when does premium = games?

12:35 pm
Can’t believe I have only one Supremes song in my library. Now fixed:

3:54 pm
Ohio State has just thrown the ball at the basket the last few possessions.

5:48 pm
My Illini are in the dreaded 5 spot, where first-round upsets are a tradition.

10:55 pm
“I want so much regulation of the financial sector that if someone … wants to take a piss, he has to get a hall pass from Dennis Kucinich.”

10:55 pm
The preceding quote was from John Cole at Balloon Juice:

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