Tweets for March 27, 2009

1:19 am
Too much about man pages.

11:21 am
OK, I gave it a few weeks and I still dislike the top tabs in Safari 4. Back to regular tabs and the blue progress bar.

1:44 pm
I propose a minimum age for web designers of 40. No one over 40 would inflict 10px fonts on the rest of us.

1:45 pm
Alternatively, we could just make using 10px fonts a capital crime. I’m OK with that, too.

4:37 pm
Today was the first day I used an ATM that actually read the checks I fed it. Has this been going on for a while?

7:16 pm
OmniGraphSketcher can be weird in how it connects the dots.

10:01 pm
Naperville school district (203) may cancel a talk by Bill Ayers because of a deluge of emails and phone calls from nutball Republicans.

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