Tweets for April 10, 2009

12:09 am
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the New Twitter API:

10:15 am
Downsides of spring: allergies, baseball, and—worst of all—middle-aged white guys waxing poetic about baseball.

4:47 pm
Dealing with a few small (<$10) fraudulent charges on my credit card. Hoping I don’t need to get new cards again.

5:32 pm
Oh, I see. Twitter’s faster today because it’s hiding tweets. Clever.

5:34 pm
20-30 mph wind will be in my face during the ride home tonight. I may go through 2 episodes of Fresh Air.

5:51 pm
A good laugh for Unix users:

10:26 pm
RT @gnomedad: Time Travel Cheat Sheet. [Cute, but I prefer Mark Twain’s version.]

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