Tweets for June 16, 2009

8:49 am
The new Radio Lab podcast has a bonus video! That can’t be played on an iPod/iPhone without conversion. Guys, it’s a podcast.

8:56 am
Never mind. The Radio Lab video isn’t worth watching.

1:37 pm
Why does iLife ‘09 need a restart after installation? #shadesofmicrosoft

1:42 pm
“Install time remaining: About 45 minutes” ?!?!?!? It’s just iLife, not an entire OS.

2:04 pm
I don’t believe I’ve ever heard “Paranoid” playing at a grocery store before.

2:24 pm
I love drivers who stop short partway through an intersection, then act impatient when I don’t immediately pedal across in front of them.

2:57 pm
Has it already been established that the Places feature in iPhoto ’09 sucks? I don’t want to be repetitive.

5:09 pm
The REAL reason Obama asked Twitter to change its maintenance shutdown to the middle of the US day is to stop those killer #tcot tweets.

5:29 pm
Dear Apple: Did Safari 4 really break map scrolling in iPhoto ’09? ( Places was one of the main reasons I bought iLife.

8:38 pm
Defiant dog balks at going outside because the grass is wet. A Milk Bone smoothes things over.

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