Tweets for June 17, 2009

8:40 am
RT @jeresig: IE8 campaign that insults your current browser: [Translation: we’ve made another standards-breaker.]

11:59 am
This version of the iPhone software (2.2.1) is the current version.

12:08 pm
iPhone2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw is available, but I don’t think that works for current iPhones.

12:13 pm
Downloading and installing 3.0. James Brown is singing “Ain’t It Funky Now.”

12:15 pm
Download time remaining: 27 minutes and rising.

12:50 pm
Preparing iPhone for software update…

12:51 pm
Updating iPhone software…

1:02 pm
Just tried copy and paste. IT’S ALIVE!!

1:03 pm
Voice Memos inserted itself on my home screen, screwing up the order of everything else.

1:10 pm
Quick impression: Voice Memos is not as useful as Griffin’s iTalk. Smaller buttons, can’t add to an old recording, more steps to rename.

1:12 pm
Can’t copy from tweets in Twitterrific? I can in Tweetie.

1:20 pm
Copy and paste works as advertised in PCalc.

3:07 pm
Notes + copy_and_paste + any_Twitter_app = Birdhouse? OK, Notes doesn’t have a character count, but still…

3:28 pm
RT @jamesthomson: Undocumented PCalc feature - double-tap any of the items on the stack/register display to bring up a copy menu item.

5:41 pm
RT @gruber: If you select a portion of an email before replying, only the selected portion is quoted in the reply.

9:56 pm
Walk—Don’t Run, Diamond Head, Hawaii Five-O, and my favorite Christmas album. RIP, Bob Bogle:

10:17 pm
Installing the new Safari update that’s supposed to fix the iPhoto Places problem:

10:49 pm
The Safari 4.0.1 update does fix the problem with Places maps in iPhoto ’09: Hurrah!

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