Tweets for September 24, 2009

9:40 am
Looking for evidence of settlement in a Chicago high-rise.

2:30 pm
Today NetNewsWire for iPhone is crashing every time I launch it. Starts with a white screen, then back to the home screen.

4:10 pm
Had to delete and reinstall NNW for iPhone to get it to work again. Some UI elements work inconsistently. Just doesn’t seem finished.

8:47 pm
Salon has:

1) the ad that covers the page when you enter;

2) the ad that will roll up from the bottom if you don’t click in time;

8:49 pm
3) the ad that will roll down from the header if your mouse enters; and

4) the boring old ads that run continuously in the sidebar.

10:32 pm
NetNewsWire 2 for the iPhone has been a huge disappointment:

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