BBC bull leapers

My wife cut this Zits cartoon out of the Tribune a couple of weeks ago, thinking, I guess, that Walt Duncan and I have something in common.

I don’t know what she’s on about. As I write this, my iMac is recording (via Audio Hijack Pro) a BBC Radio 2 documentary on David Frost, who has, as far as I know, never leapt a bull.

Just to clean up a loose end, if you didn’t listen to that Jagger’s Jukebox show I linked to back in late May, you didn’t miss much. The idea behind the show was that Mick would make up a playlist of songs the Stones were listening to around the time of making Exile on Main Street, and the host, Paul Sexton, would play them and elicit reminiscences and bon mots from Jagger. What came out was two hours of utterly conventional picks from the early 70s—almost every song was something you could hear on a classic rock station.

Jagger’s mots weren’t especially bon, either. The interview portions were like listening to a kid with a new tape recorder trying to get Grandpa to tell stories about the olden days when all Grandpa wants to do is fall asleep in his chair watching The Price is Right.

But there was one funny anecdote near the end of the show. They had just played Betty Wright’s “Clean Up Woman” (which, I admit, would not be played on a classic rock station), and Jagger told this story of Jeff Beck trying to learn the song’s guitar part.

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Well, it’s funny if you’re a Jeff Beck fan.