GitHub repo of my WordPress theme

A bit too much blogging-about-blogging lately, but here’s one more short note. After all the changes associated with adding syntax highlighting to the site, I realized I’d never put the site’s theme under revision control. Seemed like kind of a dangerous way to live, so I made a git repository of a local copy.

And on the off-chance anyone else would be interested, I put the repository up on GitHub, too. It started life as Kubrick, but I stripped away most of the deeply nested <div>s to give it a fairly shallow and easily understood structure. As such, I doubt it could be used as a drop-in replacement for any of the standard WordPress themes on a site hosted at But, as with everything here, it works for me.

NB: The theme does not have my MathJax configuration file, but there’s nothing particularly special about it. And there are a few old files in there that are being used but haven’t been culled yet.